Mesti Baca!!!

Mesti Baca!!!
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Halal Bodies Recognized By JAKIM

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia or JAKIM in short is an organization that was established to mobilize progress and development of Muslims in Malaysia, in line with the national standard of Malaysia as an Islamic country that has strengthened and become an international attention. JAKIM is the authority in Islamic affairs in Malayisa. One of the responsibilities is to ensure the purity of food products and restaurants in Malaysia. This is done by awarding halal certification to show that the product or restaurant is safe to be consumed by Muslims.

Although that is the case, JAKIM's power and influence is only in Malaysia. Products from countries outside of Malaysia practically do not seek halal certification from Malaysia. They get halal certification from bodies in their own countries. It is important to us as Muslim consumers to know if the body is real and up to the standards for halal certification. For this reason, JAKIM had given recognition to bodies around the world in halal certification.

JAKIM's method of awarding halal certification is one of the best systems in the world. There are organized steps to follow and a strict guideline. Only products and restaurants adhering to the standards set by JAKIM are awarded the certification. On top of that, JAKIM regularly does checks on the product factories and restaurants to make sure they comply to the rules. The halal certification process has been exemplary to bodies around the world.

Knowing recognized international bodies are important as not all of the products used in Malaysia are made in Malaysia. Some of them are imported from Thailand, NewZealand, USA, China, and other countries producing consumer goods. Products that have halal certification from it's own country are better than products that do not have halal certification. It is more secure to us if the halal certification by the organization in that country is recognized by JAKIM.

The following list shows halal international bodies recognized by JAKIM:
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Organization CountryOrganization NameOrganization Logo
ArgentinaThe Halal Catering Argentina
AustraliaAdelaide Mosque Islamic Society of South Australia
AustraliaHalal Sadiq Services
AustraliaIslamic Association of Geraldton Western Australia
AustraliaIslamic Association of Katanning Inc.
AustraliaAl-Iman Islamic Society Incorporated
AustraliaSupreme Islamic Council of New Halal Meat in Australia (SICHMA)
AustraliaThe Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc. (AFIC)
AustraliaAFIC Quensland Branch
AustraliaThe Islamic Council of Western Australia
AustraliaIslamic Society of South Australia
AustraliaThe Perth Mosque of Western Australia Incorporated
AustraliaKhairat Melayu Islam Victoria (KMIV)
BelgiumIslamic Food Council of Europe
BrazilFederation of Muslims Association In Brazil
BruneiLembaga Mengeluarkan Permit Import Halal (Board for Issuing Halal Import Permit)
ChinaChina Islamic Association
ChinaShandong Islamic Association
DenmarkIslamic Cultural Centre(IKCS)
FranceAssociation Finisterienne Pour La Culture Arabo-Islamique (AFCAI)
FranceRitual Association of Lyon's Great Mosque (Association Ritualle Do La Grande Mosquee De Lyon)
GermanyHalal Control e.K.
GermanyIslamic Centre Hamburg e.V.
IndonesiaLembaga Pengkajian Pangan Obat-obatan dan Kosmetika the Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI)
JapanJapan Muslim Association
NetherlandsHalal Feed and Food Inspection Authority
NetherlandsControl Office of Halal Slaughtering
NetherlandsTotal Quality Halal Correct Certification
New ZealandFederation of Islamic Association of New Zealand (FIANZ)
New ZealandNew Zealand Islamic Meat Management Incorporated
PakistanJamea Markaz Uloom Islamia Mansoora (JMMUIM)
PhilippinesUlama Conference of The Philippines
PhilippinesIslamic Da'wah Council of Philippines, Inc. (IDCP)
SingaporeIslamic Religious Council of Singapore
Sounth AfricaNational Independent Halaal Trust
Sounth AfricaSouth African National Halal Authority (SANHA)
Sounth AfricaMuslim Judicial Council Halal Trust
TaiwanTaichung Mosque
TaiwanTaipei Grand Mosque
ThailandThe Halal Standard Institute of Thailand
United States of AmericaHalal Food Council South East
United States of America
Islamic Services America
United States of AmericaThe Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA)
VietnamIslamic Community of Ho Chi Minh City

So, if you ever see these logos, rest assured that it is recognized by JAKIM and safe to be consumed, InsyaAllah. The source of information is taken from HDC's website.

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